DUSTIN MOLLICK (Writer/Artist)

Hi, I’m Dustin and I’m a saxophonist/cartoonist living in Mary Land.

Music: I started playing tenor saxophone in 6th grade. With a great deal of support and encouragement from my parents and teachers, I decided to go to school for jazz. I attended George Mason University and the University of North Texas where I played tenor and baritone saxophones in the One O’Clock Lab Band. Before finishing my master’s degree at UNT, I won the bari audition for the United States Army Field Band, the Jazz Ambassadors. I tour with the band 100 days a year and love every second of it.

Comics: I’ve been drawing for fun my entire life. During my college years I started picking up graphic design work for albums and recital flyers for my peers. As my music education picked up, my time for drawing diminished. This changed when I launched my tumblr, January of 2013. I started filling it up with sketches that turned into drawings that turned into comics.

Musicomics: These two worlds collided full force July of 2013 with my first Musicomic. I was already pursuing several different comics projects but I knew that this one would be the most complete use of my abilities. It’s the comic I wanted to read and it didn’t exist so I decided to make it.


Phillip Kennedy Johnson has been playing/writing music and reading/making/loving comics since he was a little kid. In college, he sold his drawing chops to a crossroads demon in exchange for a career touring the world as a musician. He played trumpet with the Glenn Miller Orchestra from 2004-2005, and since then with The U.S. Army Field Band in Washington, DC, where he met Dustin. Their shared love for music and comics was consummated, and nine months later, BAND! was born!

The demon kept up his end, but the drawing chops are definitely gone for good. Nothin’s free. When he’s not playing music, Phillip writes comics and literary fiction. In addition to creating the BAND! strip with Dustin, he has several more exciting comic projects coming out soon. (Keep tabs on his website or follow him on Twitter. He tries hard.)

Phillip loves American art forms, especially jazz, comics, and mixed martial arts. (He is happy to fight anyone who argues that MMA comes from Brazil.) He finds that writing about himself in the third person lends him a certain gravitas that anyone with a three-word name sorely needs.