Even though you didn’t get a new comic or even any relevant humorous music related content to speak of, this has been a BIG week for me and musicomic.com!

-The revamped musicomic store is almost complete! I worked super hard the nuts & bolts of the site, domain registration, blah blah blah CHECK OUT THE NEW LOGO:

Musicomic Store Logo









I have to say, Shan looks thoroughly unimpressed by you. DAT FONT THO… it’s from <em>Spongebob</em>. Yeah, you knew you recognized it.

Seriously, setting up the site took a lot of time and effort, but I DID IT… because I love you like a fan.

-I also FINALLY decided on a printer and locked in some great rates for each of my designs. I like this shop and its employee(s) a lot. They are local and I think I can use them for most of my future printing needs… as long as this first huge order looks good ::nervous emoji::

-I submitted 3 poster designs and a business card for printing and they should be done sometime next week. SPOILER ALERT: ALL MUSICOMICSTORE.COM ORDERS COME WITH A FREE BUSINESS CARD! WOAH!!! I know… only I am excited about that… it’s okay.

-I submitted my first exhibitor’s contract to The Midwest Clinic, which is going down December 14th-16th. As long as they aren’t already full (fingers crossed) I should get a spot and be able to hang out for three full days representing my shop in person for the first time. THAT’S HUGE! (I refuse to link to a Donald Trump “huge” meme… but I wanted you to know that I saw the opportunity and turned my back on it. Props to me.)

-I discovered Tigran Hamasyan’s album, “Fables” (thank you, Josh!) Please, just start listening to it now…

-I invented a new as of yet unrevelead Musicomic character that I think has the potential to become really big. Like, Sonic the Hedgehog big. I haven’t really settled on a name for him yet, but let’s just say his name is definitely Chip.


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