In August of 2017 I started a daily drawing project/challenge in which I drew a musician each day from start to finish. It’s such a simple concept but I really fell in love with the project and people received it very well so I decided to offer them as art prints on my store. I quickly put together the digital mockups of each print to pretty up my storefront and started talking to my local print shop to get these things made. This is where things fell apart…


I just wrote, deleted, and rewrote the failure of trying to get these art prints made at this print shop, but I’ll spare you and summarize: their printers are pretty bad and leave lots of scan lines and imperfections, they were difficult to get ahold of, they wouldn’t followup on paper orders or correspondence until I nagged, and I wasted a lot of time trying to work this out with them.

I started researching how to do high quality art prints at home and found this guide and guess what? I made my own art prints at home!

Here’s how I did it:

First, I used photoshop magics to prepare my files. This included tweaking colors for print, adding guides for trimming, removing my digital signature, and making sure all the prints have the same URLs and stuff.

Time to give it a shot. The first print came out, well, you can see here.


As crazy saturated as those colors are, I was really pleased with the print and paper quality. Compared to the print shop samples, this was already a huge improvement.

I changed a few settings and tried again.

The second run was better but a big desaturated compared to the original art.

BAM! Perfect! I can’t tell you how excited I was to see this thing work its way out of my printer. It’s beautiful.
Since these are printed on 8.5×11″ paper and I needed them to be 8×10″, it was time to trim.

Ink doesn’t last forever so I hit this bad boy with some Preserve It! This protects the paper and inks from moisture and fading and a few other things I don’t care/know too much about. But rest assured that your custom musicomic art prints are acid free, archival safe, and will last longer than you or your kid(s) or your kid(s) dog(s)!

Unfortunately, Preserve It! is deadlier than I anticipated so I had to wait for the room to clear after spraying…

Lookin’ good though!

Time to crank out a few more.

With the art printed and trimmed it was time to get them ready for shipping.

My early adopters waited so patiently while I duked it out with the print shop so they are each getting a free comic print (available exclusively to patient early adopters).

Let’s take a look at the prints side by side before we send them off to their new homes!

Time to sign these puppies and wrap ’em up.

The finished print goes into the heavy duty flat cardboard mailer.

The flat mailer goes into a poly mailer.

The poly mailer gets a sticker and a stamp.

…not all stamps are created equal.

Now these prints are ready to go!

Thank you so much for reading. Now go get YOUR fancy shmancy art print(s) on the Musicomic Store!