Hey everybody!

I kind of can’t believe you’re still here. I mean, I’m GLAD you’re here, but I just can’t believe it. With so few updates, I’m lucky any of you are still checking out the comics and showing them to your friends. So, thank you. Seriously. (I get the strange feeling I’ve said something like this before…)

I will quickly say that I am going to try and get these comics put out on a more regular basis. (that, I’ve definitely said before) It’s really important to me and I’ve just allowed some other things to get in the way. I mean, I HAVE been busy on some other stuff, which I’ll share with you soon, but musicomics are a top priority for me and I’ve just drifted away from it and been a bit intimidated by the thought of starting back up.

I’m sure, as musicians, you can all relate.

I went to the Baltimore Comic-Con this year with Shannon and Phillip and it was a blast. I loved seeing all of the passionate fans and cosplayers, but most of all there were so many hard-working creators there baring their work for all to see. Walking through Artist-Alley is actually test of fortitude because there are literally hundreds of comics creators offering you their work on a platter, and you have to ignore/avoid/pretend not to hear many of them because there are only so many hours in a day…

Uncomfortable elevator pitches aside,  it was really inspiring and humbling to see the comics, books, and booths lovingly assembled by so many talented creators.

Shannon and I bought some Marinko Milosevski prints (Metal Gear Solid and Snake Eater, to be exact) and Phillip even treated us to some Mouseguard! (I later realized we picked the two most expensive books on the table after he offered to buy us each a comic… soooorry philliiiip)

Somehow, I missed Noelle Stevenson AND Kate Beaton at SPX last weekend… I wish I would have known. They are two of my biggest influences in comics. They are like big-time celebrities to me. ARGH! I need to go to more Cons! And more live concerts! And more jam sessions! And practice more saxophone! And practice more EWI! And work on arranging! And draw more comics!

…guess I’ll just keep playing The Phantom Pain instead.