You are not above this. Admit it.

Welcome back to, the bi-annually updated webcomic about music!

So, I’ve been working hard and staying busy and not so great at sharing that business with you, my dear readers.

  1. I started (and finished!) some sketchbooks. Maybe you’ve seen some of my sketches on my instagram or tumblr? hint-hint
  2. I started (and finished issues 1-3!) work as a colorist on Scout Comics’ Smoketown, which is written by BAND! author, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, and drawn by D.C. saxophonist and artist, Scott Van Domelen. It’s a gritty series about gritty people doing gritty things and I’ve learned a LOT about coloring in the process. I took an excellent online art course by K. Michael Russell, watched all of his Youtube videos, and even took a private lesson with him for some feedback and advice. I basically learned everything I know about coloring from this guy. He’s also very kind and humble… wait… #2 was supposed to be about ME!
  3. I made a comic that my brother, Nate, wrote about the equestrian follies in The Witcher 3. Check it out in the EXTRAS tab above. Or just click that conveniently placed link. You could also give it a little upvote on Reddit if you’re cool.
  4. I’m working on a secret music related project with Nate that’s gonna be super awesome. Can’t wait to share it with you!
  5. I have another coloring project in the works that I can’t talk about. It’s also gonna be good!
  6. I have ANOTHER cool project with Phillip that I can’t talk about, but it’s gonna be great too!

That’s a lot.

Thanks for reading and sharing my comics.

I love you.