Today’s comic brings back fond memories of the Mile High Jazz Camp in Denver, CO. I attended it with my good friend, Jon, and it was a formative experience. It’s been pretty incredible to meet up with some of the players and faculty from that camp years later and point back to their comments and criticism as pivotal moments in my development.

The reason this comic conjures those memories is that my first encounter with a The Real Book was at that camp. I didn’t have any tunes, melodies, or chord changes memorized and I didn’t have a “real book” so the jam sessions at that camp were awkward. When I first saw people printing and binding their own copies of the real book, I thought “that’s the key! that’s why I don’t know any tunes! I need a REAL BOOK!”

You can see the beginnings of my comics in that logic.

Anyhow, “The Gig” was originally going to be a 3-parter but I expanded it to 4 meaning it will conclude on Monday. It could go on forever, really, but I’ve got comics to draw and jokes to tell.

Lastly, my ads are now fully operational. I promise I won’t start throwing the moving, expanding, jumping ads on here even if they pay more money. I specifically said “I promise” so feel free to hold me to it. If you can tolerate these three ads, it will help me out since I’m giving these comics away otherwise.

See you Monday.


(Post Scriptum – While searching for “Decidedly Dusty” on google in an attempt to link to the late ’60s sitcom with Dusty Springfield, I realized that I have OVERTAKEN THIS SHOW ON GOOGLE’S SEARCH ENGINE VIA MY PERSONAL TUMBLR! YES!)