I’ve been excited to draw today’s comic since I first wrote a few weeks back. I hope you get even half as much enjoyment out of reading it as I did making it… that’s such an overused line, but it’s TRUE.

I just watched STRIPPED and it was fantastic. It was sort of surreal to see all of my favorite comics artists in one place, so to speak, plus many others whose work I’m excited to check out. The main thing I took away from the film is that it’s an exciting time for comics because everything’s changing! I love change! As much as I appreciate routine and work very hard to develop and maintain a productive one, the times I am most unhappy are when I’m stuck in an unchanging routine and don’t expose myself to new and inspiring things.

On that note (PUN!) I’m growing more and more excited for future of Musicomics because I have an audience that is largely unexposed to comics and webcomics. Most of you are here because you are MUSICIANS. This means you aren’t bored of webcomics. You aren’t jaded. You just enjoy music and music based humor – just like me.

See you Friday!