I’ll be back with a blog post shortly…

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By “shortly” I must have meant “10 hours later.”

Anyway, we had a lot of new readers visiting the site this week. Welcome! Feel free to dig through the archives, leave comments, point out spelling mistakes, inform me that Charlie Parker wouldn’t punch inquisitive children with his bird (I should have named that comic “Bird’s Bird”… DRAT), and let me know what I left off of the checklists.

I just posted this on my Facebook page so I’ll add it here in case we are not yet FB-BFFs.

I’m trying to figure out which merchandise to design, create, and sell first. Big items like books are a little further down the road because it’s a big investment and I need more content to make it worth anyone’s money. So, I’m starting with stickers, prints, and/or shirts.

So far, I’ve narrowed it down to these items (if you know the comic strip well and have other ideas, I’d love to hear them)

1) 4×6″ Comic Stickers ~ $5 – Individual strips printed as 4×6″ rectangular stickers. Since I have to order several hundred at a time from a printer, I would have to start with one or two of my most popular strips.

2) Comic Prints ~ $10 – Individual strips as high quality prints for framing/hanging/whatever. Since I would purchase the printer and print supplies myself, I could offer nearly any strip in my archive as a print.

3) “WHAT MOUTHPIECE IS THAT” Sticker ~ $5 – An original design for the WMIT punchline. It would have saxophone/trumpet/trombone mouthpieces in the design so as to be applicable for more musicians.

4) “WHAT MOUTHPIECE IS THAT” T-Shirt ~ $20 – Same idea as the sticker but in T-Shirt form. Again, this one costs me a lot more money up front so I could only offer one design, color or shirt, etc.

If you’ve read this far, THANK YOU. I’d love to know what you think.