Can you tell I have a thing against reeds?

I think I’ve mentioned it once or twice… or thrice… or four times. (apparently, there’s nothing after thrice!)

But seriously, I used to get reed rage. BAD.  The stars would finally align just right for me to pull my horn out and practice and then I’d just end up spending an hour hating, working on, and, subsequently, destroying my reeds. I walked into more than one lesson with my very patient teacher, convinced that I had reached the end of my career in music since I couldn’t find a decent reed and therefor couldn’t practice and would never get a serious music gig.

Also, I stole the title of this comic from my earlier self. Reed Rage was originally titled “REED$” before I (wisely) changed it.

…fascinating, I know.

See you Friday for the cool thing I promised you last Friday.