Guys, I really like BAND! already. Phillip and I have been putting together all sorts of strips, stories, and characters and I think we have something really special. If we can get you all to love this strip and its characters half as much as we do, it’ll be a success.

I was initially going to limit BAND! strips to Fridays but I think I’m going to fudge that a bit to allow for more of them. We have some cool stuff planned and I want to get to it already!

The STORE will be launching this Monday! I’m starting small with a nice little sticker to ease my way into the business side of cartooning. If you’ve been enjoying these free comics over the past year and want to support the continued production of both comics & merchandise, please consider purchasing a fancy new sticker from the shop! And if you can’t scrounge together the money, you can support the cause just as much by spreading the word!

Check back Monday for links and info!