The epic conclusion to the Sonny-Katie Saga has finally arrived!

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Sorry to everyone about the slow comics production recently. Work has been crazy and I’ve had some computer troubles.

The drawing tablet I bought is a cheap alternative to Wacom’s products. I haven’t had a great track record with the durability of the device itself but it hasn’t been too big a deal since I’ve just used my warranty to replace the tablets as they crap out and I was always on the same iMac, so drivers weren’t an issue.

I just bought a new PC and Monoprice’s driver weakness reared its ugly head. In short, they don’t update often and are hard to find. I spent many hours digging through out-dated forums and broken links. Once I finally worked the issue out, everything was fixed… sort of.

It turns out that Windows and Mac handle “power saving mode” slightly differently and I was unintentionally crippling my computer.