We’re back!

It’s been a slow few months here at musicomic.com, but all that time spent not making comics was put to good use elsewhere

-I finished two huge tours (and headlined the JEN Conference in San Diego) with the Jazz Ambassadors across, like, 15 states and performed something like 80 concerts – insane.

-I reunited with some old friends whom I missed dearly.

-I had lovely holiday celebrations with my friends & family(s).

-I got married to the baddest-ass bass playing, music teaching, photo taking, singer lady I know.

-and the wedding was awesome/perfect.

For those reasons alone, 2014 was a pretty busy and great year for me, but on top of that, my comics career got off to a great start with the continued production of Musicomics, the creation of BAND! with P.K.J., the launch of Musicomic.com, and the launch of both my Musicomic.com store and my Society6 shop.

I’m not really a “New Years Resolution” kind of person, since that crap is hard to stick with, but I will say that my comics are going to be an even bigger priority for me this year than they were last 2014. I’m working hard towards having enough material to print & sell a Musicomic Book and I’m thinking it could maybe sort of start to kinda come together sometime around the end of 2015…

we’ll see…

For now, enjoy, from the mind of Phillip Kennedy Johnson, BAND #17; a shout out to hard working band directors everywhere!