My apologies for the lack of updates (comics or otherwise)!

The short story:

I’ve been darn busy and will be back with more comics Monday!


The long story:

I’ve been on tour with the Jazz Ambassadors, which usually allows more time for making comics, but I took on a few too many work & personal projects at once and topped that with planning and preparation for a wedding date that is fast approaching. Oh! and I almost forgot about the super fun computer troubles I had while converting from Mac to PC on the road with no connection to the outside world save for some mind-numbingly-slow hotel internet. On tippie-top of all that, my drawing tablet was downright refusing to cooperate which led to some ulcer-inducing angry times.

While that accounts for much of my inactivity, the other truth of it is that I just lost momentum. Since launching, I’ve kept a mostly consistent schedule of 2-3 comics per week. This required enough of a daily commitment that I didn’t have time to “stop and think” about my schedule. I just kept moving forward.


So, while the reasons I  lost that momentum are, in my mind, legitimate, the reason(s) I haven’t regained it in the time that I’ve been back are less so…

Procrastination. Laziness. Excuses. Video games. etc. etc.

I only say all of this because I’m sure many of you, especially the musicians among you, have dealt with this same loss of momentum at some point in your life. If you’re anything like me, knowing that others encounter the same self-imposed hurdles and obstacles helps to understand and overcome your own.

So, here we go…