It’s been quiet on here for a while. But that’s about to change.

As most of you know, Dustin and I are members of The U.S. Army Field Band. We tour a lot. Since our last collaborations, we’ve gone on tour, been tied up with other time-sensitive art/comic projects, and had some pretty noteworthy things happening in our personal lives, too. Dustin, in fact…

wait for it…


Heartfelt congratulations to Dustin and Shannon on your big day, we’re all ridiculously happy for you both.

Dustin wanted to pass on his thanks for all the support everybody’s shown Musicomic and the BAND! strip this year, and I definitely feel the same. It’s been incredibly rewarding to see our strips popping up all over the place, and to hear that people enjoy them and identify with them.

As things approach something like normal for both of us later this month, you’ll start seeing new strips on, including the ongoing BAND! series. Thanks again for the support, and keep reading!